Top Five Ways on how to Increase Staff Productivity

As we reach the middle of the year, tax time and distractions of holidays it is more important than ever to make sure that your staff are motivated to work productively to get through the slump. We find the best ways to increase staff productivity and to help boost the potential of your business.

1. Set collaborative goals and objectives

Let your employee set their own goals and targets. Many business owners set out the ground rules to their employees – whilst this is a good way to control outcomes, it also puts stress and pressure on your employee. Perhaps you want to retain more customers or have a daily target of how many coffees you want to sell. Instead of telling your staff members solid numbers they must keep up, consider setting out goals and targets which they get to be involved with. Ask them “I want to sell more coffees a day, what techniques will you go about in achieving this?”

By sitting down and letting them write down their own goals and numbers you are essentially giving your staff their own sense of direction. They begin to work for their own goals instead of yours and their sense of achievement increases once they reach their goals.

2. Motivate and reward your staff

Let your employees know when they are doing a good job. When they aren’t, advise them and encourage them to help them move forward.  Motivate your staff by rewarding them – it could be as simple as paying for their lunch or paying for your entire team a holiday conference or holding an awards nights to recognise your best performing staff.

If you demonstrate to your staff that you appreciate their work they will become happier and more appreciative of your efforts.

3. Create a positive work culture

It is a well known fact that employees are more productive if they enjoy their work. You can create an environment where your staff will enjoy coming into work each day, feel comfortable and have fun. Think about organising team events to encourage friendship between co-workers, bringing a cake in whenever someone celebrates a birthday and taking interest in your employees as people outside the workforce.

4. Give your staff accountability and responsibility

By giving your staff a sense of accountability and responsibility, you are not continuously looking over their shoulder or holding their hand while they work. Your staff will begin to develop a sense of empowerment which allows them to learn from their own mistakes, mature in the workplace and have a sense of ownership in their work and outcomes. Staff also become responsible for their own actions meaning they will exercise caution to avoid reckless behaviour and will take their position more seriously.

5. Offer your staff training sessions

Training is a great investment for the future of your business. The way your staff interact with customers and your business can be the success or failure of your business. If you’re not sure where to start on helping your staff become more productive, consult a professional training organisation to offer training in the areas which you feel are best needed. Not only will they learn something new but you can learn how to better supervise and manage staff to bring out their best potential.

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