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Training Restaurant

We operate the stunning Fig Tree Training Restaurant, located in the heart of the Adelaide Zoo. This training facility gives students real life experience and allows they to learn in a safe environment.
Training Restaurant


We run Masterclasses in Hospitality and Cookery, were we invite hospitality celebrities to teach our students in specialised sessions. These sessions are free to students and allow them to learn from those who amassed years of knowledge and industry success.
We have run masterclasses with such people as Callum Hann from Master Chef, Michael Sfera from the famous functions and restaurant chain and many more.

Industry Connections

We are partnered with some of the biggest hospitality employers in Adelaide, including Adelaide Oval and the National Wine Centre. We have had numerous apprentices and work placement students go on to find huge success at these venues. Because we are IN the hospitality industry we also boast connections to numerous other employers throughout metropolitan and regional Adelaide, helping put you on the path to employment.
Industry Connections

Study in NSW

QT on the Harbour

QT on the Harbour is our stunning Sydney training restaurant and it located on the waterfront right beside the world famous Darling Harbour. This training restaurant is run by both our Front of House and Back of House students, making it unique in that it is staffed entirely by our students during training periods. Our Training Restaurant allows students to gain experience working in an operational venue and gives them the opportunity to build their practical skills in a safe environment.
QT on the Harbour

World Class Trainers

We have some truly outstanding trainers in both Front of House and Cookery. Our Cookery trainers are all leaders in their industry, for example with Head Trainer Chef Daisy, featuring on SBS Food Safari.
World Class Trainers


We run Masterclasses in Hospitality and Cookery, were we invite hospitality celebrities to teach our students in specialised sessions. These sessions are free to students and allow them to learn from those who amassed years of knowledge and industry success.

Study in Queensland

Close mentorship

Queensland students will benefit from one-on-one training and workplace mentor visits, enabling them to make the most of their course.
Close mentorshi

Hospitality Hot Spot

The sunshine coast has a vibrant and thriving hospitality industry, making at an ideal location to pursue your career goals.
Hospitality Hot Spot

Industry connections

With our 25 years of experience in the industry we have a huge range of connections with employers in Queensland. This enables us to better connect our students with employment and apprenticeship/traineeship opportunities.
Industry connections


  • “A huge thanks to Michael Rossis and the team at Quality Training & Hospitality College. Completing hospitality qualifications has broadened our understanding on how to operate our business. This has been a great success with our customers and we are continuing to improve every week. We have broken numerous financial records and have reached number one within our national franchise. We are no longer the store chasing others, alternatively being a benchmark for other stores to aspire to. All this has been achieved with the professional assistance shown throughout our course, and we will be eternally thankful for the success it will bring in the future.”

    Dave & Alinta Fasta Pasta Gawler
  • “Since the SSP Skill Set hospitality and management training in 2013 there has been a vast improvement in our customer service which the patrons noticed and have pointed out to me.
    I am really happy with the results and can say this improvement was due to the fantastic hospitality qualifications from Quality Training and Hospitality College.”

    Ross Parr – General ManagerKaruah & District RSL
  • “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Daisy Rajan who was my mentor in my Advanced Diploma of Hospitality qualifications through Quality Training. Daisy took over as my mentor beginning midway 2012. Through her efforts Daisy got me back on track to complete my course which at the time seemed unlikely. I commend Daisy for her professionalism and knowledge and recommend her highly.”

    Andrew De Martin – General ManagerWoollahra Golf Club
  • “The Advanced Diploma of Hospitality qualification was initially offered to me as part of my continual training through my employment as the Course Superintendent at Kiama Golf Course. I was a bit apprehensive in committing to a training course for an extended period of time due to my busy schedule with work and 3 young children. The senior club management were impressed with the skills training that the management course offered and the cost associated with the training was very affordable for a small budget golf club.
    Throughout the workplace training delivery I had three on site assessors whom visited me at my work place on a monthly basis. Each trainer had industry knowledge, were willing to help and guide me in all aspects of training and were always contactable via phone, email or face to face meetings. Each monthly meeting was pre organized with dates and times, each meeting ran to schedule and this was valuable not to waste mine or the assessors time.
    The overall content of the training was easy to understand, relevant to my work, well formatted and structured and value for money.”

    Mark Yates – Course SuperintendantKiama Golf Club
  • “I have been working within hospitality for over twelve years in senior management roles. I have gained my experience by working under and alongside many celebrity chefs and many general managers in Hotels and Resorts. To refresh and advance my career I enrolled myself with Quality Training through their hospitality qualifications. I was amazed by the way I was coached and trained at my own pace in spite of my tight schedule and family life with two children.
    To complete the Advance Diploma I studied online as well as through one on one coaching in a very unpressurized and simple method. The trainers were very helpful and guided me all the way through and motivated me when I did slack a bit.
    I would recommend that any one within the hospitality either in senior or at any level, who would like to advance their career, would benefit from enrolling at Quality Training. Thanks to all the staff at Quality Training specially to Erin Ryan and Steven Ferry for helping me achieve my Advanced Diploma.
    “You are never too old to learn and never too late to learn”

    Samson JudgeAki’s Woolloomooloo
  • “I am writing to you to firstly to thank you for the opportunity to take part and receive my Diploma of Hospitality during the course of 2011. I have worked in the Hospitality industry for the past 15 years and have acquired most certification available to me. If the government grant for this particular course was not offered I would have been unable to financially secure this important qualification. As I have made hospitality my chosen career, these government grants remain crucial to my continuous advancement through the Industry. I hope that this will be considered again when I apply to continue with my studies taking part in the Advanced Diploma course as without the opportunity for further grants it will make it difficult for me to continue participation. This particular course is imperative to Industry growth and this particular group of trainers excel in helping us all achieve our goals.”

    Susan Hulton – Duty ManagerWhite Cockatoo Hotel, Petersham
  • “Novotel Wollongong Northbeach is currently engaged with the Quality Training and Hospitality College NSW as our training provider to deliver training in Commercial Cookery III under the Apprenticeship Program.
    The training and delivery of this program through the Quality Training and Hospitality College has been very relevant to the Hospitality Industry and has met our organisations standards, including customer service, WH&S, personal presentation, team work, technical and communication skills.
    I have been very happy with the professional service of Quality Training and Hospitality College NSW and their hospitality qualifications on offer. Their training resources and content of the training have been current and relevant to the workplace. The flexibility and convenience of classroom/workbased training has been most beneficial for myself and the participant and has been reflected in their motivation and team effectiveness. Our apprentice has had only positive things to say about the whole process and professionalism of the staff and trainers he has dealt with. I would have no hesitation in continuing our relationship with Quality Training and Hospitality College NSW in the future.”

    Chantelle Droic – Human Resources CoordinatorNovotel Wollongong Northbeach
  • “On behalf of myself and the team at Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens, we wish to thank Quality Training and Hospitality College, and in particular Michael Rossis (National Training Manager) for his fantastic service in administering various hospitality qualifications throughout the team.
    The overall feedback from all participants involved was that the style in which Michael delivered the training was nothing short of brilliant.
    Thank you for the effort Quality Training, and we hope to work with you again soon.”

    Steve Finlayson – General ManagerRadisson on Flagstaff Gardens
  • “Quality Training and Hospitality College has been one of our preferred training providers. Throughout the time we have been extremely happy with their services and training delivery. Currently around 25 middle management staff within our 2 Venues have had the opportunity to attend management training with Steven Ferry.
    The delivery has been flexible, staffs have been able to relate their studies to their every day work role. The knowledge they have gained has been enormous and we are looking at long term benefits to our business and staff retention.
    In an industry such as Hospitality where staff members are promoted internally but do not necessarily have the required skills to support their role, funding training has provided a pathway.”

    Tracy Hyde – Staff Development ExecutiveSt John’s Park Bowling Club
  • “In 1999 we developed a relationship with Quality Training and Hospitality College to assist with our staff training.
    We have used their expertise for a variety of training including specific in house workshops, apprenticeships, traineeships and hospitality qualifications.
    Over this time we have put more than 180 of our staff through a variety of their training programs from all departments of the Hotel, with a large portion of them being on the frontline.
    We have found all the training to be well structured, relevant and informative and due to the nature of our business and staff availability, Quality Training and Hospitality College are always flexible and accommodating to the Hotel with coordinating ‘in house’ sessions to suit us, due to the nature of our industry this was very helpful, particularly for our Apprentice Chefs.
    Last year we offered the Diploma of Management to all staff that were suited to this qualification, the outcome of those who participated has been exceptional, which I strongly believe this is due to the motivation and mentoring support provided by the facilitator Michael Rossis whose many years of experience in the Hospitality Industry along with his Training Industry career have proved to be invaluable.
    We will continue our business relationship with Quality Training and Hospitality College and highly recommend their services.”

    Glenn Scroop – Human Resources ManagerThe Playford Hotel
  • “The Star engaged the services of Quality Training and Hospitality College to deliver the Food Safety Certificate to chefs in our food outlets.
    The training was delivered in the lead-up to the re-launch of The Star and opening of our new food outlets. The training has provided the staff with the skills and knowledge to ensure and maintain a safe food environment for our staff to work in and our customers to enjoy.
    Thank you Quality Training and Hospitality College for delivering training which was relevant to our industry and for your trainer to offer a wealth of valuable industry knowledge.”

    Ben Grigg – Training and Development ManagerThe Star
  • “안녕하세요
    전 2013 년도 Quality Training Hospitality Cookery Course 를 졸업한 민부선이라고 합니다. 제가 처음 호주에 왔을때는 모든 것들이 낯설기만 했는데 이제 조금씩 적응이 되어가고 있습니다. 버스 티켓을 사는곳도, 버스 요금이 얼마인지, 어디가 어디인지 모르고 지낸 시절이 생각나네요. 그러던중 우리 학교를 지인의 소개로 알게 되었고 학교에 지원하여 2년간 공부하게 되었습니다. 처음에 시작할때는 서양 요리에 대해 전혀 아는것이 없었습니다. 새로운 많은 것들을 배우고 서양 요리도 이젠 잘 할수 있습니다. 저희 학교에서 공부하게 된것이 제 삷의 큰 전환점이 된것 같아요.
    전 치위생사로 오랬동안 한국에서 근무했습니다. 지금은 요리사로서 Adelaide Zoo 에서 근무하고 있습니다. 15년 가까이 치위생사로, 다시 제 인생이 요리사로 삶을 시작하고 있습니다. 흥미롭고 또 재미있습니다. 저희 학교가 있는 Adelaide 는 아주 좋은 자연환경을 가지고 있습니다. 조그마한 소도시이지만 무척 아릅답고 사계절 내내 예쁜 꽃들도 볼수 있답니다. 그런곳에 있는 우리 학교는 요리사로 꿈을 꾸는 후배들에게 많은 도움이 되리라 생각되어 집니다.
    학기 중에는 Adelaide Zoo 에서 실습하는 기회도 가지며 좀더 요리를 넓게 이해할수도 있습니다.”


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