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Customer service training guaranteed to increase your average transaction by 10% within 2 weeks. Or you get your money back.

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Program: Service Excellence customer service training

Availability: SA, NSW, QLD

Price: See below

Customer Service training Information


How the Service Excellence hospitality customer service training works

One of our expert industry trainers will complete a mystery shopper report on your hospitality establishment. The report will highlight opportunities for improvement and address the main areas of focus in order to tailor customer service training programs to suit YOUR business.

By including opportunities for selling, we guarantee that you’ll see a 10% average transaction increase in 2 weeks or your money back!

Terms and conditions apply.

Do you want your hospitality customer service to increase sales, productivity and encourage repeat business?

The Service Excellence program includes basic skills in sales, upselling, hygiene and customer service. We work with your hospitality venue to craft a unique service program aimed at boosting your sales.

Quality Training and Hospitality College looks at how your business operates and we create a training program based on your unique selling points.


  • 2 half days or 1 full day.
  • *times can be altered to suit your requirements. We are flexible with different needs.
$2,500 for groups of up to 15 students.

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