Daisy Rajan wins 2014 Illawarra Trainer of the Year!

Daisy Rajan wins 2014 Illawarra Trainer of the Year!

A big congratulations to our NSW trainer Daisy Rajan who has been awarded the Illawarra Trainer of the Year Award on Friday the 27th of June, 2014.

Not only is Daisy phenomenal in her hospitality profession, she shines in other facets through her proactive involvement in the not-for-profit organisation Vision2020 helping underprivileged children and adults living in poverty. Her involvement includes catering for all Vision2020 fundraising events which Daisy speaks about:

“The latest fundraising event, a walkathon at Parramatta Park, has enabled us to raise funds to help build infrastructure in poverty stricken India, Somalia and Nepal. The projects aim to tackle issues that we often take for granted in Australia such as sanitary bathrooms”

A believer in helping those around her by doing what she loves, Daisy was asked about what she enjoys most about the Hospitality industry, “I love the interaction with people, especially during classes. I appreciate how I can have such a positive influence on the younger generation; a generation where an interest in cooking and being healthy has depreciated. I also enjoy showing people how to cook healthy in a short amount of time.”

Not only does she encourage cooking for everyday people, she has also been featured on the SBS television series ‘Food Safari’, Chanel Nine’s ‘Fresh’ and has been involved in cooking demonstrations celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the North Sydney noodle markets.

Daisy has had over 30 years of experience in the international and Australia Hospitality Industry, working as a Chef with renowned Hotel groups: Sheraton, Radisson & park Royal. She is now a proud trainer of the Quality Training and Hospitality College as she states, “I thoroughly enjoy working for the QTHC team. It has enabled me to truly put my experience and skills to great use.”

Daisy beams with dedication and passion as she expresses, “Sharing knowledge is the most fulfilling aspect of my career.”

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