On Saturday night our students took part in what they had spent a long time planning and preparing for, the Cows for Cambodia Gala charity dinner. The event took place at the picturesque Adelaide Zoo with the help of Quality Catering who helped with the food and beverage service for the night and also made the venue look absolutely spectacular!

After so much hype and planning for the big day our Diploma of Hospitality students and their trainer Liam Frost were both excited and nervous about how it would all come together, but as it turns out they had nothing to worry about as the night went off without a hitch. For some of the students, who specialise in the cookery stream of the hospitality diploma, it was their first time carrying plated food to hungry guests and it was amazing how they all stepped up and outdid our expectations.

When we asked Liam about how the night went for him and his students he told us that…

“I think that they all performed really well. Apart from two , all of the other students have never worked in a front of house situation before & I think they did an amazing job in that respect. While I was watching my students at work  I was constantly overwhelmed with a sense of pride on what they were doing. I felt as if they were all my kids & I didn’t want anything bad to happen to them, but seeing them all do so well was a great feeling”.

Trainer Liam also spoke to his students about how they felt the night went and they all said that…  

“they got to experience work outside of the kitchen environment. Despite the extremely cold conditions & the pressure of performing, they got a strong sense of achievement”

Another amazing outcome from the night was that one of our students, Gisela Coraj, performed so well that they received an on the spot job offer from Quality Catering. Trainer Liam is so proud of his student and saying

Gisela Coraj is from Albania & she was recommended to study here by her sister who had graduated with a Diploma of Hospitality a while ago. Gisela is a perfect poster girl for what we do at QTHC; she is smart, attractive & will be an asset to anyone who employs her because of her willingness to learn & to achieve a positive result”. 

We are all immensely proud of our students and it is always fantastic news when one of them receives a job offer.

With this years charity dinner event under wraps our trainers and students are already looking ahead to next year.


If you would like more information on the Cows for Cambodia charity please visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Cows-for-Cambodia-157611484448442/18839802_673218149554437_7316377428596215661_o 18880112_673218212887764_2244253634634101894_o 18880170_673220346220884_1290433202362866150_o 18882082_673221619554090_4631778207758560304_n 18921925_673217102887875_4274405485189290670_n 18952605_673220156220903_3877699385181784019_n

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