Samson JudgeAki’s Woolloomooloo

“I have been working within hospitality for over twelve years in senior management roles. I have gained my experience by working under and alongside many celebrity chefs and many general managers in Hotels and Resorts. To refresh and advance my career I enrolled myself with Quality Training through their hospitality qualifications. I was amazed by the way I was coached and trained at my own pace in spite of my tight schedule and family life with two children.
To complete the Advance Diploma I studied online as well as through one on one coaching in a very unpressurized and simple method. The trainers were very helpful and guided me all the way through and motivated me when I did slack a bit.
I would recommend that any one within the hospitality either in senior or at any level, who would like to advance their career, would benefit from enrolling at Quality Training. Thanks to all the staff at Quality Training specially to Erin Ryan and Steven Ferry for helping me achieve my Advanced Diploma.
“You are never too old to learn and never too late to learn”