St.Patrick’s day has come and gone for another year and as a special treat we asked Finn Healey from SA Cocktail Events to make us a celebratory cocktail to help get us in the St.Patrick’s day spirit. When we initially came to Finn asking if he could make us a cocktail we immediately asked “can it be green?”,  and to that he firmly responded “no, it cannot”, but with good reason we now understand. The cocktail Finn produced for us in the end is called a ‘Shamrock Sour’ and it is a delightful fusion of old and new, and a sophisticated twist on your traditional “green” St.Patrick’s day bevvie.

What really made the ‘Shamrock Sour’ special was the fact that the ingredients worked so harmoniously together to give it one distinctive flavour that was not overpowering like some cocktails can be. Perhaps the standout element of the cocktail was the FAIR Kumquat Liqueur made by Noble Spirits. This Liqueur was tangy, fresh and you guessed it, tasted like kumquats! One of the best things about this Liqueur, aside from the taste, was the fact that it is 100% organic, 100%, sustainably sourced and 100% fair-trade. We think it’s amazing that companies like Noble Spirits are producing spririts and Liqueurs that don’t impact the environment, and especially that they are environmentally green, which works well with the St.Patrick’s theme as a bonus.

Whilst we were filming and Finn was busy making our cocktail we couldn’t help but notice the interesting array of garnishes that The Duke had on display for their cocktails. We asked Finn about this and he told us that it was all different types of dried fruit, that they amazingly, dried in house direct from Adelaide Central Markets. What’s better is that they use all this delicious dried fruit to garnish their cocktails, and whilst you may think a fresh ripe strawberry tastes good, a dried strawberry is so much better as it is essentially a strawberry chip, and who wouldn’t want to eat a whole bag of those? Finn even topped of the ‘Shamrock Sour’ with a slice of lime, again dried at The Duke and sourced from the markets. This is definitely a point of interest if you visit The Duke, and worth checking out while your there.

At the end of our time with Finn he had produced for us, an absolutely delicious cocktail, that we think shows that St.Patrick’s day drinks can be cool and classy, and don’t always have to be full of green food colouring.

Thanks Finn, and Happy St.Patrick’s Day everyone!!

And now to the important part, here is the recipe for the amazing ‘Shamrock Sour’ so that you can give it a go for yourself. Finn has even told us where you can get the ingredients so that you can taste the same amazing drink. Though if you want to see bottle juggling and expert pouring we would advise visiting Finn at The Duke instead, as it can get rather messy for the inexperienced…

INGREDIENTS makes 1 serveIMG_0119

30ml Jameson Irish Whisky

20ml Dubliner Irish Whisky Honeycomb Liqueur ( You can get this from most major liquor stores)

20ml FAIR Kumquat Liqueur ( You can buy this from most major liquor stores, or you can purchase it online thought the Noble Spirits website)

20ml Fresh egg white (approx 1 egg)

30ml Fresh lemon juice

3 Dashes of Angostura Bitters


  1. Prepare a chilled coupe
  2. Build ingredients over ice into tin on tin boston shaker
  3. Vigorously shake and double strain into the chilled coupe glass
  4. Garnish with floating dehydrated lime wheel and a fresh mint leaf (if you don’t have dehydrated lime you can use a regular lime wheel)
  5. Enjoy

If you need a bit of help with instructions make sure you watch the video to see how Finn made his Shamrock Sour!




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