QT on the Harbour hosts its first function

What a fantastic night at QT on the Harbour which is located right in the heart of Sydney. The Industry Event hosted by Workskil Australia, AAoA and QTHC was a hit and was a power hour of networking and above all, fun.

Catering for the event was our talented cookery students, supervised by Chef Trainer Daisy, as well as our Certificate III in Hospitality students who provided outstanding front of house service and were under the supervision of Trainer Tracy. The cookery students did an amazing job ensuring the canapes were plentiful throughout the whole evening and everyone who tried them was delighted by the presentation and of course the taste. The front of house staff also did an outstanding job of keeping everyone entertained with food and drinks and many of those attending where thoroughly impressed by their excellence in service. NSW Training Manager, Steven Ferry who took a lead role in planning the function certainly excelled in putting together a function that highlighted the gorgeous new venue as well as the talents of staff and students.

In attendance of event where a range of people representing many different employers, Job Actives and organisations. It was great having such a variety of people from the hospitality industry and beyond together in one room and we would like to thank all those that took the time to be a part of the occasion.

Special thanks goes out to:

Penny Evans and Ian Jacobs – Workskil Australia

Carlos and Edith Del Rosario – Quest Chatswood

Belinda Fernandez – Pivotal Management

Matthew Hardy – Thrive

Marc Edwards – Club Liverpool

Matthew Costello – Banks town Sports Club

Troy Schufft – AAoA Academy

Joan Obuchowski – Jobs Statewide


We also had a number of international education agents in attendance who we would also like to thank for taking part in the event:

Waymark Visa Consulting

Linksolution/Chef Crew

Nucleus International Recruitment

Global Student Services

MP Education and Migration Services

Education Down Under



The night was overall a great opportunity for relevant players in the hospitality industry to connect and to help our students get their names out into the industry. In fact two employers asked specifically about students in order to seek them out for employment upon completion of their program, which is a great outcome for them.

We asked Cornelia from QTHC who was in attendance to answer a few questions about how they found the event and we were thrilled to hear her postive responses…

How do you think the event went, being the first event to be held at QT on the Harbour?

“Really well, the place looked great, the food was great and the Certificate II Hospitality students sdid an amzing job especially given it is only their third week into the program!”

What are your thoughts on how next weeks training restaurant opening will go based on this event?

“It will be great, we already have bookings and the students did so well I think they will be ready and they certainly are willing and able”

Tracy Hyde, who is the trainer for the Certificate III students who provided front of house service was also extremely pleased with how the evening went and said that

“Considering it was the first time the students from this group had practical exposure to function set-up and service I was very proud of the job they did on the day. Well done to all!”

We also asked our guests for the evening how they found the experience and we were again delighted with their praise. One guest remarked “ thank you, this is really exciting”, another said that they “can’t wait to come for lunch” and another added that it was “great for the students to get this exposure”.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who made the first event hosted at QT on the Harbour special and we would particularly like to thank the students who put so much effort into helping host a wonderful night.

If you would like to see more of the photos of the night then have a look at our event Facebook album at https://goo.gl/2aiCPv

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