Jobseekers follow their dreams at Wests Newcastle

Jobseekers follow their dreams at Wests Newcastle

Something big is happening at Wests Newcastle. But the best action isn’t out on the field, it’s in the kitchens! Wests Newcastle are getting behind young jobseekers to kit them out for a future – in hospitality. A partner with Quality Training and Hospitality College, the club is helping to take jobseekers off the dole and into their dream job. The program, under the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled initiative, is achieving amazing results.

With hospitality now ranked as one of the top 10 fastest growing industries, the training couldn’t have come at a better time. The jobseekers come in with entry level skills, and leave job ready. “It’s real life actual experience, every single day, that boosts their prospects,” says Managing Director Richard Finlayson.

Here’s what some of the Wests trainers are saying about one of the students, 19‐year old Jamie: “Jamie has left a massive impression on me. He walked in with limited knowledge of the kitchen, and yet he had an air of confidence and knew his way around. He was extremely punctual and asked lots of questions. I could see he was keen to seek more skills. Jamie performed his tasks quickly and accurately with skilled precision. He would be a great team member of any kitchen team.”

Jamie is one of 19 enrolled in the jobseeker course at Wests. Every student completed the course and are now ready to graduate. That’s an incredible achievement for everyone involved. And to top that, five students are already working in real jobs.

The achievements of the graduates were highlighted in our recent graduation ceremony on the 18th of March, 2015 held at Wests Newcastle. The graduation was a celebration of the students commitment, hard work and new start into the hospitality workplace. Luisa Jose was one student who expressed her gratitude towards the program that helped her launch her career: “I appreciate everything that the Job Centres and the trainers have done for us. We’re still crawling – and your help has helped us to walk.”

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