The Jim Finlayson International Student Scholarship

The scholarship will be presented to the applicant who best demonstrates that they have the required attitude, skill and motivation to succeed in the hospitality industry, and the training provided by Quality Training & Hospitality College will best help them to achieve their goals of success in the future.


  • The winning student will receive a waiver of their Semester 2 fee. The prize cannot be payable as cash, and will only be applied as a credit to the winning student’s account.

Applicant criteria

  • This scholarship is only for international students. Permanent residents or citizens of Australia will not be considered.
  • The recipient must be the holder of a foreign passport with an Australian Government student visa number 500.
  • The recipient must abide at all times by the terms of the visa. This includes adhering to the number of hours employed per week, attendance at the course and obeying Australian laws.

Course criteria

  • The recipient must be enrolled in a minimum of a full 2 year study program at Quality Training & Hospitality College.
  • Students studying course program shorter than 2 study years are not eligible for the scholarship.

Application process

  • Students advised of scholarship at induction
  • Information and application paperwork available online.
  • Application to be submitted with relevant supporting information to International Student Support Officer by 5:00pm on day of advertised deadline.

Judging criteria

Student will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Attendance (Minimum 90%)
  • Academic performance
  • Attitude and participation in class
  • Personal presentation/uniform in class
  • Quality of written application
  • Demonstrated worthiness for the award

Judging process

  • Applicants to be shortlisted and best applications to be referred to advisory board/judging panel.
  • Shortlisted applicants to be interviewed by judging panel.
  • Decision to be made by panel.
  • Announcement and presentation at end of semester graduation ceremony.