Easter Cappucino Eggstravaganza

It’s Easter Time, and for us Easter means one thing. CHOCOLATE, lot’s and lot’s of chocolate. So what better way is there to celebrate Easter than with a chocolate cocktail. Because we had such a great time watching Finn Healey from SA Cocktail Events make us a St.Patrick’s day cocktail last month, we asked him to do the same for us again, only this time we asked him what he could do for us in the way of cocktails, if his main ingredient was an Easter egg. Finn came back shortly after we had given him this conundrum and he showed us the recipe he had come up with, the Cappacino Eggstravaganza, which is a combination of two of the best things in life – coffee and chocolate. To say the least, we were very excited to see Finn make us this cocktail, and especially to taste it.

When the day came to head down to The Duke we had been fasting off chocolate for some time, as we thought this might enhance our appreciation for the chocolaty drink we were about to enjoy. As soon as we arrived however we found Finn in the midst of a dilemma however, as he needed to somehow create a hole in the Easter egg he would be using, without breaking it. In the end Finn announced that he was just going to ‘get his blowtorch from the car’, because, hey, who doesn’t keep a blowtorch in their vehicle. When Finn returned he had with him his blowtorch and he proceeded to burn a hole in the egg. The smell of burning chocolate filled the air, and for a while things smelt like how we imagined things would smell in ‘Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory’. After he had made a hole in the egg, big enough to pour his chocolate concoction into he set it aside for later.

Now came to the important part, the mixing of the Cappacino Eggstravaganza. As Finn begun mixing and we begun filming and watching through the view finders of our cameras, we were impressed to see that Finn had upped his juggling skills since the last time we saw him. He proceeded to throw ice cubes in the air and somehow managed to get them all to drop neatly into his boston shaker. If this wasn’t impressive enough he then started adding the various liqueurs with a series of bottle flips. First of the liqueurs to be added was the Quinoa Vodka, then some FAIR Cafe, which is a coffee liqueur, followed then with a good amount of home made chocolate syrup. After that he added a fresh egg white and some full cream milk before shaking it very vigorously.

With the mixture thoroughly shaken he then double strained it straight into the awaiting chocolate egg that he had prepared earlier. At this point we really wanted to have a taste of the great looking drink, but we were told that it wasn’t finished yet. Finn then added Fru-Chocs and dried star fruit for garnish and then picked up the filled chocolate egg, pouring the entire thing into the coupe class in a waterfall of chocolate goodness.

It was then that Finn told us his Cappacino Eggstravaganza was complete and we could finally have a taste, and it certainly was worth the wait. We are all for Easter Egg hunts with the kids, but this cocktail makes Easter an adults affair. The only thing more that we could possibly ask of Finn is that next time he use one of the 1kg egg instead!

Happy Easter everyone!

If you would like to try your hand at making a Cappacino Eggstravaganza simply follow the recipe below. We do not advise however that you try and use a blow torch to make a hole in the egg.



20ml FAIR Cafe

30ml FAIR Quinoa Vodka

30ml Home Made Chocolate Syrup (white chocolate, milk chocolate or both)

20ml Fresh Egg White

30ml Full Cream Milk


  1. Prepare chilled coupe class with crushed ice and pour chocolate syrup over the ice
  2. Build ingredients over ice into tin on tin boston shaker
  3. Vigorously shake
  4. Double strain into the chocolate egg with the hole in it
  5. Garnish with Fru-Chocs, dried fruit or with even more chocolate
  6. Enjoy and have a happy Easter

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