Don’t revolve your life around your study. Let your education fit into your life.

There are no set rules for students engaging in learning. Learn whenever you want, wherever you are. We offer rolling enrolments throughout the year so that students can start at any given time.
When deadlines become too stressful, our self-paced programs makes life easier. This means students don’t need to worry about compromising their work, life or study potential.

Work based training

At Quality Training we believe in practice-based study where work and theory based learning is the key to an excellent learning experience. Programs such as our Traineeship and Apprenticeship courses allow students to receive on-the-job training. This training includes self paced learning and face-to-face meetings with our industry mentors.

Group and classroom study

Training is a core aspect of any business but sometimes it’s not feasible to remove staff from their duties for off site training. At Quality Training we bridge this gap between a lack of time and quality staff training. Based on different needs of your organisation, we can come to you for on-site group and classroom sessions.

Self paced study

Our self paced study means that students are allocated a period of time to complete their studies. Students can complete their course early or choose to use the maximum amount of time. Self paced learning material can be hosted online on our e-learning portals or as manuals. Study anywhere you want, anytime!