This policy is based on providing and maintaining training services that reflect fair and reasonable opportunity for all clients and staff, regardless of race, colour, religion, gender or physical disability allowing everyone to freely participate in training in a harassment free environment.

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Quality Training and Hospitality College’s (QTHC’s) standards of quality are in compliance with the ASQA Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 made under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011. The Code of Practice is available to all learners and is enforced by all at Quality Training and Hospitality College.

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This policy is based on Quality Training & Hospitality College (QTHC) providing appropriate mechanisms and services for students to have complaints and appeals addressed efficiently, effectively and in a confidential manner.

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that participants and staff are fully aware of the way in which participant fees and refunds are to be handled.

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the determination, on an individual basis, of the skills and knowledge obtained by the learner through previous training, work experience and or life experience which clearly identifies that the applicant has achieved the level of competency required. This policy is to ensure that an individual’s prior learning achieved through formal and informal training, work experience or other life experiences is appropriately recognised.

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This policy describes the process by which Quality Training and Hospitality College (QTHC) will consider and accept AQF qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by Registered Training Organisations throughout Australia. The policy describes the process by which QTHC will consider and accept application for course credit.

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Prior to completing and submitting this application you should meet with your trainer / assessor to familiarise yourself with the process moving forward and to also get a better understanding of your chances of your application being successful. You should discuss in detail with your trainer / assessor all of the relevant documentation and instructions contained within the Recognition/RPL Kit. The trainer / assessor will provide valuable guidance and examples of the documentation you will require to submit as evidence.

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The purpose of the Student Participant handbook is to provide you with a quick reference about training programs and processes at Quality Training & Hospitality College.

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure a systematic approach to the treatment of plagiarism at Quality Training and Hospitality College (QTHC). QTHC has an expectation that all students produce their own independent work and comply with standard agreements for authorship. In addition, all forms of intellectual material must be used appropriately and with full acknowledgment to authors.

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This policy describes the practices and procedures by which Quality Training & Hospitality College (QTHC) will ensure the compliance with the relevant privacy legislation to protect the personal information and right to privacy of those which are detailed within this policy.

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This statement is to ensure that Quality Training & Hospitality College (QTHC) is an approved VET provider using membership of a VET tuition assurance scheme to meet the tuition assurance requirements.

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